> 12 ATO blade fuses plus 2 additional ATO fuses for the power windows, this eliminates the fuse box with 2 fuses mounted on the wheel housing. A total of 14 ATO fuses in the same footprint as the original 12 fuse panel. > Rugged open frame construction to dissipate heat, built with high quality non-flammable materials, aluminum, copper, brass, glass impregnated fiber board. Note, fuse panels generate heat, this fuse panel is NOT assembled with glue or adhesives as these will soften or melt. > Mounting foot print is identical to the factory and utilizes the factory 5mm mounting screws and plastic insulation shim. > Quick disconnect terminals are labeled with wire color and function to help de-bug wiring problems. > ATO fuses are labeled on the fuse panel with circuit number and current rating. > Each fuse has a red LED indicator for "open" fuse condition. (note that the protected load  must be active or "ON" for the LED to operate) > Quick disconnect terminals are geometrically positioned similar to the factory fuse panel, transferring one wire at a time to minimize installation problems. "EXTRA" terminal marked for an additional accessory. > Electronic noise suppression devices for each fused circuit to minimize electrical noise from car stereo systems. > ATO automotive fuses were designed for the automotive industry and are readily available in Europe, Canada and U.S.A. > ATO Fuse Panel includes fuse panel with fuses installed. Key Switch Operation Indicators            The Panteras electrical system is monitored on the input power to the fuse panel before distribution. Since the Pantera ignition switch is notorious for failure these indicators are helpful for diagnostics. There are 2 green indicators: "Accessories" position of the key switch for power “ON”  "Ignition" position of the key   switch for power “ON” Fuse Panel Part # FP-01 Price - $265.00 USD Glove Box set of ATO fuses: (6) 7.5 Amp (2) 15 Amp (2) 25 Amp (4) 30 Amp Part # F-ATO Price - $6.00 USD ATO Fuse Panel The only manufacturer of electronic technology designed exclusively for the de Tomaso Pantera PRODUCTS